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 width="298" "Tis The Season..."

DAV Chapter #12 and a variety of other special guests were present in attendance for the DAV Black Mountain Chapter #12 Christmas Party on December 21...Talk about a party!

With Erin Evans,the "DJ Vegas Babe", it was of no surprise to see so much excitement! Combine a talented DJ, scrumptious food and a night of excitement you create an enormous level of fun and frolic!

  Christmas Spirit and Then Some!

The Christmas party held at the Sunset Station Hotel & Casino, provided a place where everyone could just be themselves and allow the Christmas spirit to run rampant.

As you can see from the picture at right, originality was on par for everyone. Charisse Washington, our Department Adjutant is seen here posing with the "Polka Dot Man" demonstrating true originality.

It was an amazing experience with so many people attending, from multiple Chapters and Departments. This included Redell Samuels, our Department Chaplain, together with us for a night of eating, dance and relaxing enjoyment.

  width="298" Plenty of Gifts and Big Smiles

Cathy Arment (featured in the picture at left), was quite helpful in our drawing for prizes and a variety of other important tasks.

We had loads of gifts from donations but we also had a load of gifts from the White Elephant gift "Competition". You might wonder why I say "competition."  Well, it was a hilarious time watching people rushing to select a gift on the table; deciding which one to choose before someone else beat you to a gift.

The best part was when one person selects and opens a gift then someone else challenged the person for it. It was a time of humorous excitement and emotions aplenty.

  Not a Party Without Santa!

Of course a Christmas party isn't a party without Santa!  Our party Santa, ( Kevin Carpentier ), stepped up and got some dance lessons!

Santa was busy as his reindeer at this party, gifting gifts, posing with people for selfies, and of course giving his wife the attention that is due. Santa played a vital part in putting smiles on many faces at the party!

Santa really put on the moves later in the evening as he and Mrs. Clause were stepping out on the dance floor!

Saturday Night Fever?

One of the biggest features and level of participation was the dance floor! We even were graced with our Commander imagining he was performing in Saturday Night Fever...well, not exactly.  The commander was dressed well for the dance floor.

Putting the levity aside, the dance floor was a perfect feature of the party. It allowed people to participate in an activity together and just enjoy the evening.

  Great Memories To Appreciate

We all had an incredible experience of letting our guard down for a while and celebrating together. That made the success of this party evident and established anticipation for many, looking forward to next year's party!  The party created great memories to appreciate!

With best regards to everyone, have a very Happy New Year filled with abundant blessings and positive reflections.

Rev. James Fisher - DAV Black Mountain Chapter #12 Chaplain

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