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width="298" "A New Beginning..."

As this year soon comes to a close, it provides us with an opportunity to the appreciate the memories of this year.  The added bonus is the anticipation of the excitement in the transition of the new year to come!

  We Did It All Together

Despite the challenges that the pandemic brought upon us, with God's blessing we all reached this point together.  We mourned our brothers and sisters who reported to their final duty call, and held our own despite the many challenges for all of us.

To complete our preparation for a new beginning with the new year to come, we gathered together for a time of excitement, food, fun and Christmas camaraderie. Plenty of prizes, a DJ that rocked the night away and just a pinch of drama to round it off.

A New Year - New Growth

As we have experienced in the past few months, our Chapter membership is making a dramatic shift. Our number of members is growing and many of those who recently joined or are considering joining are younger and highly motivated people. We now have the first all women color guard in DAV history, and this is just the start!

We have an opportunity to set standards for further growth; including development of new programs like never before imagined for our Chapter and the community of Veterans we serve.  Together in 2022 we let's inspire others to join our family at Black Mountain Chapter #12 and make a difference!

 width="298" Walking a Straight Path

With all of the pressures of today's society, it is often times challenging to have moments of clarity. Without those important moments of quiet and clarity, it becomes difficult to maintain our emotions and a proper demeanor. In essence, we need to walk a straight path to remain focused.

It is important to remember the importance of the image we project to others as DAV members, both in challenging times and moments of celebration. As our Chapter transitions into 2022, try allowing your mind to come back to who you really are TODAY; ponder over the influence you have upon everyone you interact with each day.  The image we project of our own selves reflects upon Black Mountain Chapter #12 as a whole.

May the days to come in your life, be filled with an abundance of personal growth and positive evolution!

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